About Us

This website started with the goal of introducing the art of metal clay to the public. We want to show the many different uses of it and the wonders it can bring to the lives of people. We feature here many amazing products that never failed to satisfy the need for people to see something refreshing in the art scene. Admittedly, metal clay is not something that is featured on the mainstream so we aim to change this.


The first time this website was created in 2005, our goal is simply to make metal clay more exposed to the eyes of the public. But through the years of accepting inquiries regarding on the how’s and the particulars of making the products we feature here, we decided to expand our coverage and include tutorials from time to time. We teach techniques in order to improve the skills of those who already have experience in the field and we coach those who don’t have any experience yet on the field. We even invite professional artists from time to time to show the guests who follow our website how to actually make a metal clay artwork. These artists we invite are not simply good at tutorials, but they are very fond of helping our followers through good words of encouragement.


Through the years, artists have partnered with us so that their products could also have the exposure they need to jumpstart their business. This is just well because there are people who are looking to buy the kinds of products they sell. Although we do not earn from the products we buy, we are glad to be of help to these people so they can interact smoothly. Please be informed that this website nor the people behind it do not act as a middle person for any transactions being made by our featured artists and our guests.