This Frequently Asked Questions page will give you all the things you need to know about the website, the metal clay, and the services that we provide. We have collected here all the most questions we’ve been receiving on a regular basis to serve as your reference in going through the whole website. But just in case your questions are still left unanswered, you can email us anytime using the email address that can be found at our Contact Us page.


Are you an online store?


This website does not buy nor sell any products from and to the market. What we are is simply an entity that helps people understand better everything about metal clay. Although we feature here some amazing products, those are not in any way affiliated to us. We simply pay tribute to those who have the talents of the masters because they serve as an inspiration to both art lovers and frustrated artists out there.


Can we buy from the artists you feature? If yes, how do we contact them?


We always strive to create exposure especially to those new artists in the industry who really have the talent in this craft. We do not facilitate our guests and followers interaction to them although we do not prevent it as well. You can contact them using the contact number which is usually included in the write-up. If in case you see there that their contact details are not available, it means to say that they do not permit random people t just contact them. In this case, you can just send to us your inquiries so that we can double check if the artist is amenable on talking to potential customers or in selling their masterpieces.


Can we suggest topics for your next feature?


We do accept suggestions with regards to the next thing you want to see from us. Check out our Contact Us page to know how you can reach us.