Been following this website since 2007 and to tell you the truth, until now I still cannot help but be fascinated every time they are going to upload something new. They know how to feature interesting bits and pieces that would attract the attention of the people. They are very comprehensive in all the things that they do which just add to this website’s appeal. What more is that they give exposure and opportunity to artists who do not have the resources to push themselves to the mainstream. This website is really recommended. 5-stars yet again.




This website is so amazing with the variety of artworks they feature. I am an art lover myself, that is why this website is really among the most frequent websites I visit. I really enjoy whenever they feature different objects made out of metal clay. But what is more fascinating are their video tutorials. I am not really very creative. This is why albeit I like arts, I never attempted to try my hand on it. It is always a disaster when I try so I’d rather not be disappointed. However, when I watched their tutorial series about creating differently designed beads, I got my inspiration again. I finally attempted to create my own once when I got bored and since then, I’ve been making my own line of beads. Of course, I did not succeed the first time. By I felt encouraged watching the video clips they upload here. With practice, I learned to master the craft. Now, I already own a bead shop that sells uniquely designed beads. If you are an art lover than me, this website is recommended.




Follow this website because they really are very educational when it comes to teaching you how to work your metal clay. This is a good place to start if you are thinking of making a hobby or an even a business out of it.